Travel Photos and Capturing our Memories

My first trip to Europe as an adult was in 1991, back in the days before digital photography. I had a little Kodak instamatic camera and on a two week trip must have used 20 rolls of film. That felt like a lot of pictures back then! I took my film to be developed and put the best pictures in a photo album, an album I still enjoy today. For the first several years of my European travels, that was my approach. My trip albums were my hobby in those pre-internet days, incorporating photos, postcards, memorabilia like tickets and menus, and typed-up notes from my hand-written travel journals.

Almost 25 years later, I’m still taking photos when I travel. Technology has changed considerably in the past 25 years, and like most people, my desire to “capture the moment” in photos is stronger than ever before. Today, thanks to digital photography and the internet, it’s much easier and less expensive to take good photos, organize them to preserve our memories, and share our experiences with family and friends through Facebook, blogs, online photo sharing sites, and do-it-yourself photo books.

The majority of our European Experiences travelers bring cameras on their trips, and many people also take pictures with their smartphones. We email and post photos online during the week, sharing experiences as they happen. Picture-taking seems to be a priority for many of us when we travel… we’re relaxed, we’re on vacation (often with friends and family), and we’re enjoying beautiful and interesting places. Vacations are among the life highlights we most want to record and remember.


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