Celebrities Inspire Fashion Of The Youth

Celebrities are everywhere. We see them in movies, television, news, magazines, posters, and many other places. They are almost an unavoidable part of our life while growing up.

Starting at a young age, we look up to celebrities for many different reasons. For girls, it is usually for the beauty and extravagant style that famous women have. For boys, it is usually the muscles and keen fashion sense of famous men that they aspire to have.

Celebrities greatly influence fashion choices of the youth because celebrities signify ideal beauty. It seems as though they look amazing everywhere they go, whether it be to the grocery store or to a red carpet event. Young people strive to keep up with the latest fashion trends, and celebrities happen to be one of the highest influences of modern fashion. Style is always changing and the youth want to make sure they are always up to date with it. Young people want to look their best, so they look to celebrities in order to achieve that.

Celebrities are trendsetters. One example is Miley Cyrus. She inspires young girls, although she isn’t necessarily the greatest inspiration for our youth. Her fashion sense and hair styles are spunky and fun, so I think that is why she appeals to young girls. Another example is Rihanna. Young girls are influenced by her side-shaved hair, and she recently got a mullet which made celebrity news. Famous women with edgy, scandalous styles like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna inspire the youth to try new things and to be creative with their style.

Award shows like the Grammys also inspire youth fashion. After these types of shows, magazines and celebrity bloggers typically cover who was the “best dressed” and who was the “worst dressed.” Young people read and watch these things and learn what they should and should not wear. Teen Vogue has 10 weekly best-dressed celebrities who are well-known amongst young people. The youth look through all the pictures of celebrities their age wearing certain designer brands and styles, and they want to look like that, too.

Celebrity fads come and go so fast, so they’re easy to fall behind on. Fads as absurd as “how thick or thin your eyebrows should be” transform month to month. Thin eyebrows used to be popular, and now thick eyebrows are back in style. Young girls are filling in their eyebrows with eyebrow pencils to make them appear thicker because that is what almost every celebrity is doing now.

Most widespread clothing trends are first seen when celebrities wear them. Some examples are florals, crop tops, and graphic tees. Young people get their inspiration from people who they look up to and desire to be. Teens and young adults watch fashion shows and view photos from the New York Fashion week and wish that they could look like their favorite celebrity. They may not be able to afford the designer clothes that their favorite celebrity wears, but they can certainly buy cheaper clothing driven by the celebrity’s style.

Social media and television play a huge role in how celebrities influence the youth. There are shows dedicated to celebrity fashion. The E! Network is most known for shows about celebrities and celebrity style. A great example is the show “Fashion Police,” where 4 hosts (Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic, and George Kotsiopoulos) comment on celebrity fashion and critique styles that they don’t like. The youth watch the E! Network and are influenced by the opinions of these celebrity hosts about other celebrities.

When asking Eleni Tianis, a 20-year-old impassioned world traveler and budding entrepreneur, about how she herself and the youth are inspired by celebrity fashion, she explained:

“Celebrities set the fashion trends. They always have, and fashion trends are catching on faster than in older generations due to the rise of social media. Celebrity status usually means money, which can mean top brands, designers, etc. I like that I can stay up to date on trends without trying too hard.”

Young people always want to know more and see more. Beauty secrets revealed by celebrities are a big deal. People like the Kardashian sisters have major influences on style. Kendall and Kylie Jenner especially influence the youth because they are teenagers who are also fashion models. Young girls read fashion interviews with celebrities (like the Jenner sisters) and want to go out to the store and buy what they wear. Celebrity style influence is undoubtedly powerful for today’s youth.

Celebrities can negatively impact the youth by some of their questionable behaviors, but I believe that the celebrity influence of fashion is a positive thing. When young people are inspired to look their best based off of their favorite celebrity’s wardrobe, they can feel better about themselves. Fashion is art, and art should be admired and shared with the world.

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