Celebrities are everywhere. We see them in movies, television, news, magazines, posters, and many other places. They are almost an unavoidable part of our life while growing up. Starting at a young age, we look up to celebrities for many different reasons. For girls, it is usually for the beautyRead More →

Need a vacation? Before you start relaxing to the sound of the waves or skiing the slopes, do some smart travel shopping first — not only to end up with a great trip and a good deal, but also to avoid a scam. Deal with businesses you trust, get aRead More →

My first trip to Europe as an adult was in 1991, back in the days before digital photography. I had a little Kodak instamatic camera and on a two week trip must have used 20 rolls of film. That felt like a lot of pictures back then! I took my film toRead More →

There are plenty of things to be gained from going abroad: new friends, new experiences, new stories. But living in another country may come with a less noticeable benefit, too: Some scientists say it can also make you more creative. Writers and thinkers have long felt the creative benefits ofRead More →